We Do Communication

4 pillars to create
comprehensive advertising experience

With our four services, we confidently offer you the holistic communication campaign to support your business.



We connect your brand to the right target audience

We always take time to understand each client’s challenge and build a media plan that fits your objectives. Based on the power of DATA.X - Big Data Management System, we know how to optimize the budget while reaching your target audience across multiple touchpoints. Partnering with us, you can rest assured that your media budget is always the most effective.

  • Media strategy
  • Effective media (right target audience - right time - right place)
  • Efficient media (Best media buys - Real time optimization - Reduce wastage)


We make your brand viral

With expertise in Social Media tools (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Zalo…), we will assist your brand to go viral and keep the target customer posted about your activities. Besides business efficiency, we build trust, love and make the community stand by your side.

  • Social content strategy
  • Digital media optimization
  • Word of mouth
  • KOLs/KOCs management



We surprise both you and your target audience

We develop brands and produce brand assets based on the issues you encounter and your campaign objectives. To combine it all and create a meaningful experience for each client, we always aim to materialize every notion so that we may thrive with you not just in rational strategy but also in the craziest imagined thoughts.

  • Creative advertising
  • Content/Storytelling
  • Creative strategy Media agnostic
  • Meaningful communication (Relevant - Compelling - Resonating)

Public Relations

We help brands engage with the audience

We build your brand prestige and continuously protect your brand from the crisis. We encourage the community to give positive feedback about your brands and help you communicate in a righteous way to your audience.

  • Public relations
  • Messaging strategy
  • Media Relations
  • Health and Pharma expertise
  • Crisis management
  • Reputation management, Conferences/Symposiums

Our Strategic Process



Our technology

With the Powerful Planning Detailed Data, we are proud to have the world-class technology that can dive into customer insights and deliver your message to the best-fit audience


The Power of Data.X

We focus on audience centric media strategy

Our platform is built on audience centric media buying, utilising industry’s leading programmatic buying solution with automated platform connected to Ad exchange, SSPs, direct publishers’ networks and private marketplace.

We specialise in established methods of acquiring right ad impressions, facilitates rapid and precise ad buying decisions with omni- channel media strategy to mitigate waste, deliver higher ad viewability, and effective response for advertisers.

Case Studies

Numerous local and global brands have chosen, trusted, and accompanied Brancher.X. Together, we have built success!

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