Weak brand awareness

Complicated register process (7 steps, require phone number, email, OTP code, check K+ website…)

Most people are currently confused between myK+ app & myK+NOW package.


  • Launch New K+ App with new modern users interface (UI) and create better user experience (UX) by:
  • Offer different packages with affordable price
    Bring modern look & feel
  • Implement new features based on user review
    Simplify user registration flow with mobile number is unique key
  • Reduce drop % due to current complicated registration process
  • Increase awareness for New K+ App towards prospects:
    + YouTube: 6s to reach out mass audiences.
    + Facebook: R& F to optimize for reach and effective frequency.
  • Attract big number of new users to download the app and buy a package:
    + Facebook: App Install to recruit iOS users to download app.
    + Google UAC: Recruit installation and optimize for in-app purchase.
    Besides target to users' behavior and interest, we also leverage the 1st party data to optimize for in-app purchase since these are very potential objects to stimulate conversions.


Kplus App Market Share

  • Reach: 77% Entertainment & Sport Lovers

  • 50M Impression

  • 560K View on Facebook

  • 286K Click

  • 116K Installation

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