Citibank invest a big budget on digital acquisition to drive sales for credit card issuance by always-on digital campaigns

Agency is requested to deliver sufficient outcome using CPA model Develop and maintain performance-based digital advertising channels that highly-effective through optimizable capacity Also explore new and scalable ways to drive more high-quality Leads and increase Conversions


  • Well-developed digital plan based on in-depth analysis of historical performance database (Leads, Conversions, Sales tracking, etc.)
  • Utilize digital media expertise to deploy campaigns via the most conversion-driven channels (Google, Facebook, Local Adnetwork, Affiliate Marketing, Aggregators)
  • Conduct campaign optimization by impactful playbook on daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • Effectively coordinate between internal media team, partners and sales team to fulfill overall objectives under CPA model


Citibank Performance Marketing Market Share

  • 87,000 Leads – 4,200 Cards have been archived

  • 11% Increase in click-throughs with the combination of display and search ads

  • 174% More Leads with better qualification and conversion

  • 21% Lower cost per Lead with fixed CPA model

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