Lookback last year to catch the ‘wave’ of DOOH trends in 2024

Over the past year, DOOH in Vietnam has undergone a strong transformation with the rise of eye-catching 3D billboards or CGI-simulated OOH ads that have surprised many consumers. The DOOH trends in 2024 promise to continue the “highlights” of the past year, but remain relevant to the current era. Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is a concept […]

Over the past year, DOOH in Vietnam has undergone a strong transformation with the rise of eye-catching 3D billboards or CGI-simulated OOH ads that have surprised many consumers. The DOOH trends in 2024 promise to continue the “highlights” of the past year, but remain relevant to the current era.

Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is a concept that has become familiar in the marketing industry. This form of advertising is widely used in large cities and densely populated areas. Thanks to modern technology, out-of-home advertising has been given a more creative and versatile appearance, while still being cost-effective.

These digitally integrated out-of-home advertisements are referred to by another name, DOOH (Digital Out-of-home Advertising), to distinguish them from traditional OOH formats – static, non-moving ads. With DOOH, the advertising industry can now serve viewers an enticing “visual feast,” compelling them to voluntarily pause and enjoy.

Brands crossed the boundaries of creativity in the DOOH industry in 2023

1. Dynamic creative

Leveraging dynamic data, brands can customize OOH content to establish a closer connection with passersby. For example, providing information about the nearest retail store to increase foot traffic, updating the scores of the latest match, suggesting menu options suitable for the current weather conditions,…



The content on KitKat’s billboard changes according to the real-time weather data

The integration of real-time data not only helps the brand reach the right audience interested in the useful information it provides but also enhances the dynamic and innovative advantages of billboards.

2. Anamorphic and 3D

In 2023, the advertising industry witnessed the widespread adoption of 3D technology, revolutionizing the market. Big brands such as Nike, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Netflix, Louis Vuitton, and others favored 3D OOH in their important campaigns.


Nike Air Max sneakers seem bursting out of the billboard screen

Thanks to the continuous advancements in technology, 3D digital screens, and anamorphic lenses, brands can showcase images in the most captivating and bold ways, leaving a profound impression on consumers’ minds.

Coca-Cola made an impression with the 3D billboard placed in Times Square and shopping centers across the United States

3. Faux OOH

With computer-generated imagery (CGI) technology, brands can easily create impressive images or videos of OOH construction models. Although these are all models that don’t exist in real life, they still have the power to attract attention and generate online discussions due to their bold ideas and surprisingly reality.

Faux OOH for Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Sky High mascara in July 2023

4. Interactive elements

Unlike traditional OOH, which only conveys one-way information, DOOH aims to interact with viewers in various ways. Interactive OOH is the most effective form of DOOH that embodies this goal.

Therefore, the brand will add QR codes to direct viewers to desired content, or integrate AI/AR to customize images on OOH based on viewers’ movements,…

McDonald’s transforms billboards into small pickup trucks – where passersby can directly interact to earn vouchers

DOOH Trends in 2024

1. Programmatic DOOH will continue to grow

The adoption of programmatic DOOH is expected to escalate as more brands become aware of its huge potential. Programmatic technology empowers advertisers to automate the buying and selling of ad space, ushering in a new era of data-driven, highly targeted campaigns.

Using trigger-based buying, brands can deliver tailored messages to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. The impact of each interaction can be maximized, providing greater cost efficiency to advertisers alongside the cost savings of an automated process.

With programmatic DOOH, brands can adjust campaigns in real-time. This flexibility paves the way for more agile and adaptive advertising, resulting in highly optimized campaigns.

2. Omnichannel strategies to dominate

An omnichannel approach ensures that brands maintain consistency in messaging, creating a cohesive experience across different touchpoints. This helps to reinforce brand identity and build stronger brand recall among consumers.


Billboard with attached links leading to the Heineken website

In 2024, more brands will be using DOOH to amplify other channels, and vice versa. In particular, DOOH advertising is expected to become more integrated with social media marketing.

By doing this, advertisers won’t just widen their reach and stand out in a competitive online landscape. They’ll also gather valuable cross-channel data that provides a comprehensive view of audience behavior, offering insights that can inform future decision-making.

3. Increased focus on hyperlocal and contextual advertising

Contextually relevant advertising increases effectiveness and helps to cultivate a more positive brand association among consumers. DOOH’s dynamic capabilities make it easy to deliver hyper-relevant advertising at scale. So this trend will gain momentum in 2024.

Through embracing dynamic DOOH, brands can deliver personalized content that enhances the customer experience and improves engagement. The creativity that audiences see can be adapted depending on contextual factors like weather, time of day or even cultural events.


The NBA updates the scores of ongoing matches on billboards to attract audiences nearby

For businesses with multiple locations, hyperlocal targeting and messaging can drive foot traffic to specific stores. This increases awareness of physical locations and propels in-store sales.

Dynamic OOH or Interactive OOH are two suggested options worth considering for brands.

4. Environmental sustainability

Some organizations are wary of DOOH for the sole reason that it takes electricity to power. And this is rightfully so; global energy consumption is a problem that brands are all responsible for fixing.

In the coming year, the climate crisis will most likely continue to be a leading issue in the world. The DOOH industry must respond to this by introducing sustainable elements, such as using renewable energy sources, LED lighting and solar-powered displays.


The LED screen calls on the audience to dispose of trash in designated areas by Coca-Cola

5. Private spaces become more popular

As public spaces (bus stops, streets, etc.) face increasing competition as well as pressures from government regulations, private areas are gradually gaining popularity.

Furthermore, placing DOOH in convenience stores, gym facilities, office buildings, etc., helps brands narrow down the target audience who will be exposed to the advertising message. From there, marketing content can be more personalized and relatable.


The future of digital out-of-home advertising in 2024 promises significant changes and advancements. By integrating A.I and ML, as well as leveraging advanced measurement and analytics technology, the potential of DOOH is substantial. The development of utilizing private spaces opens up many opportunities for brands and enhances advertising effectiveness.

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