In 2019, KIA Motors faced a big challenge in asserting its position, when sales is stable, and market share decreased from 10.5% to 9.8%.


  • “Kia New Logo – Movement that inspires”
  • “Kia K3 – Smart car life with sporty sleek & sophisticated design”
  • “Kia KA4 – The new Carnival build on its predecessor's heritage”
  • “Kia Sonet – Trendy & urban adventure”
  • “Kia DL3 – Dynamic & fast back Sedan”
  • To communicate the new brand manifesto to the target audience
  • Focus on each customer segment for each different product. Create high brand awareness to maximize the reach and contribute to increase sales and market share.
  • Channel from Awareness to Performance: TV, OOH, Programmatic Youtube, Online Video, OTT TV, Facebook, SEM, LAN.
  • TV build mass awareness across VN target to reach 72% in total TA population for each product launching with smart optimization skills & efficiency cost
  • Digital as a media channel reaches 70% of different audience segments to create strong brand awareness of each product launching to create high demand and brand love.


Kia Motors Market Share

  • Brand Sale of Q1 2022 increase 57% from 10,719 units to 16,795 units vs Q1

  • 2021 KIA has moved up to rank No.1 from No.3 in the top highest-sale car brands within 1year 2021.

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Restarting the global campaigns with 5 markets (US, AU, KR, JP, DE) after 2 years of Covid-19.