Vietnam Airlines (VNA) is ready to restart their global campaigns with 5 markets (US, AU, KR, JP, DE) again after 2 years of freezing due to pandemic Covid-19. Besides, VNA official operates round-trip direct flights between USA and Vietnam.​

The world is changing so we need to understand the current traveler behaviors, attitudes and conditions that affect the comeback of VNA, know what competitors are doing so as to answer the challenging of brand awareness & brand online sales.​

  • We analysis current traveler behaviors, attitudes and conditions that affect the comeback of VNA.
  • Know what competitors are doing for overall and deep for 5 markets to answer the questions below in terms of our strategic media approach and ideas:​
    + Where should we target?​
    + Who are the growth targets?​​
    + When should we start the campaign?​​
    + What is the budget?​​
    + How are we going about it (channels, formats)?​
  • Thanks to the audience approach and Brancher.X data, going along with hallo effect from campaigns in upper funnel, lower funnel achieved the outstanding performance awareness (VTR%, CTR%), flight search, online sales. ​
  • In upper funnel, VNA achieved the outstanding view rate at 56%, which is significantly higher than the benchmark of markets (36%). Besides, it contributed high volume of web traffic and opportunities for lower funnel.​

  • Thanks to the halo effect from upper funnel, flight search date was outstanding at 42%. Besides, Vietnam team also delivered the outstanding number of transaction with CR 2.2% and ROAS achieved 4.7 at for 3 months on-air.​

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