Melano CC is a Japanese skincare brand has been co-operated for 4 years from 2019, and we are currently processing 5-year-contract for 2023.


  • 2019: Trắng sâu tinh khiết
  • 2020: Vitamin C dưỡng trắng bảo vệ da​
  • 2021: Trắng mà Mịn
  • 2022: Gấp đôi Vitamin C - dưỡng trắng, mờ thâm
  • From a brand that has hand-carried products account for 80% in Vietnam market, Melano CC aims to recruit more Vietnamese users to use official and updated Japan beauty products.
  • Launch new product Melano CC Whitening Gel and new package of Melano CC Whitening Mask, educate consumers about benefits of Vitamin C in whitening skin and removing dark spot.
  • Use PR, Seeding, and utilized different levels of KOL and KOC from Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok to raise brand awareness, increase consumer trust, and spread out the WOM campaign.
  • Utilize brand ambassador Tram Ngo on fanpage and reiview post on her fanpage.
  • Organize livestream and manage KOL to boost sales on both Facebook and Tiktokshop.


  • Number of sale increase year by year, grow 20% from 2019 to 2020, 30% in 2021, and in 2022 Melano CC becomes million-dollar-brand.

  • Melano CC Whitening Essence has moved up to No.1 essence selling in Japan for 5 years (from 2017 to 2021), and the goal of 2023 will become No.1 in Vietnam.

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