MAYBI is a Vietnamese fashion label that sells a wide selection of modern clothing at reasonable prices. In order to grow the fashion market, Maybi has to find a big number of new consumers.

Since 2018, Havas has been tasked with developing and managing highly successful performance-based digital advertising channels with scalable capacity. Also, look at fresh and scalable approaches to increase conversions.


  • Big idea: “Wonderful style – Amazing price”
  • Raise brand awareness by broadening the consumer funnel and then reaching out to consumers who have a genuine need to convert their actions into purchasing our products.
  • Channel from Awareness to Performance:
    + Facebook Awareness/Consideration, GDN, SEM, Tiktok Awareness/Consideration: to reach out mass audiences.
    + Facebook Conversion, Google Shopping, SEM, Tiktok Conversion: retargeting to optimize for conversion.
  • Apart from targeting consumers based on their behavior and interests, we also employ first-party data to optimize for conversions because they are high-potential conversion items.


  • Messages on Fanpage: over 6,500 quality inbox/month with CR: 35%

  • Conversion of Website: over 250,000 quality landing page view/month with CR: 1.5%

  • Loyalty: more than 60% of customers who are already members return to purchase every month.

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