K+ is a Pay-TV channel for football lovers.

Before Aug 2019, K+ has 100% EPL, 4 other TV operators have 70% of EPL: VTVCab, SCTV, FPT, Viettel.

From Aug 2019 - Jun 2022, has 100% exclusive EPL rights. No other TV operator has anything.

From Apr 2020, K+ launched the Thematic campaign which re-defines the positioning is “K+ transform contents for the whole family, not only Sport, K+ has thousands of great contents.


  • Big idea: "Only K+ Channels Broadcast EPL”
    “K+ Entertainment and So Much More”
    “Your Own Entertainment Universe”
  • Focus on sport and entertainment lovers to maximize the awareness and perception of K+ and EPL as a unique combo of exclusivity of good content for all.
  • Channel from Awareness to Performance:
    + TV: Mix TVC 30s x 15s x 6s to reach out mass audiences.
    + Facebook: R&F, Landing page view and optimize for conversion.
    + YouTube: TrueView, Bumper ad sequence to optimize for reach and effective frequency.
    + GDN, SEM: Drive traffic to landing page and optimize for conversion.
    + Google App/ Facebook App Install: Recruit installation and optimize for in-app purchase.
  • Besides target to users behavior and interest, we also leverage the 1st party data to optimize for conversion since these are very potential objects to stimulate conversions.


  • Reach: 74% Sport Lovers / 49% Entertainment Lovers on Facebook

  • 22M View on YouTube

  • 14K Conversion

  • 1.7M Click 208K Landing page view

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