Dermatix Ultra is a brand that has been present for more than 10 years in the market. Dermatix Ultra is ​​the number 1 scar treatment specialist in Vietnam (*). However, in 2021, market share in Vietnam decreased. In order to maintain and expand market share in Vietnam, Dermatix Ultra has to attract many new customers in 2022.

Since 2022, Brancher.X has been tasked with developing and managing performance on digital advertising channels. Brancher.X must also boost conversions.


  • Awareness: Raise brand awareness by broadening the consumer funnel and then reaching out to consumers who have a genuine need to convert their actions into purchasing our products. We use Brancher.X data (**) to catch the right people with scars and recommend products to them. Besides that, Brancher.X will select multiple channels for each product. For instance, utilize platforms like GDN, Facebook, and SEM for a product that is already on the market and has a certain level of recognition. Brancher.X will leverage Youtube, in addition to the platforms mentioned above, to market new items (Dermatix Ultra Kids, Dermatix Ultra uses for C-sec). Brancher.X also retargeting to optimize for conversion.
  • Consideration: Use Facebook to reach out mass audiences.
  • Conversion: use SEM, GDN, FB to convert sales.​ Apart from targeting consumers based on their behavior and interests, we also employ first-party data to optimize for conversions because they are high-potential conversion items.


    Conversion of Website: We helped the brand in 30% sales growth with CR: 7.5%. Especially, on SEM channel, CTR is 14% (benchmark: 11%)

    Landing page view from Fanpage: over 1,500 quality landing page/month with LPVR: 2.6%​

    (*) According to calculations based on IQVIA's market share value from 2018-2020​ (**) This is an exclusive Brancher X tool that can identify the right target customers based on their online behavior.​


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